Beat the Germs!

When you play the Vax Pack Hero game, you can team up with vaccine heroes to beat the germs and keep your patient healthy. The more you play, the more heroes you get to help you. Collect all 50! And, after you save ten patients, you’ll earn a special prize. Start playing now!

Meet the Heroes

Do you want to find out more about the heroes who have helped you during game play? Learn more about them here.

Meet the Heroes >

Meet the Germs

Have you heard of some of these germs? Find out what part of the body they infect and which cards can help you beat them.

Meet the Germs >

Claim Your Prize

Looking to redeem your prize code? Have your parents order your free Vax Pack Hero starter pack today then start watching your mailbox.

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Collect the Cards

Do you want to collect Vax Pack Hero trading cards? Your parents or another adult can order the cards for you. Find out more.

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