Albert Sabin

1906-1993 (86 years old)

Poland/United States

Year of great discovery/work

Sabin’s polio vaccine induced both intestinal and neurological protection unlike Salk’s, which still allowed for intestinal infection. Using Sabin’s oral polio vaccine allowed for the virus to be shed by recipients and, therefore, indirectly protected non-vaccine recipients when they, too, were exposed to the vaccine virus. Unfortunately, a small number of vaccine recipients would become paralyzed when the vaccine virus reverted to its more virulent form. Despite this safety concern, the Sabin vaccine was used throughout the world and was instrumental in the efforts to eliminate polio. In addition to enhanced immunity, the vaccine was less expensive and easier to administer since it was given orally.

Did you know?
He retired with the rank of Lieutenant in the U.S. Army after serving in WWII.